The Finance Director workflow is split into two sections:
  • Finance Director Responsibilities, summarised as maintaining and making sure existing financial systems are operational at all times.
  • Monthly Tasks, executable tasks for the financial structure and processes of the organisation.

High Level:

Goal: maintaining and making sure existing financial systems are operational at all times.
  • Financial systems don't function:
    • Funds go missing or are sent to wrong person or place.
    • Experience of using systems is difficult or time consuming for users.
    • Users don't get paid.
  • Changes to the org. (non-finance) systems impact negatively and overall financial health of the organisation - e.g. overspend.
  • Changes to the org. (non-finance) systems have legal or tax repercussions that could impact the organisation.
  • Financial information isn't shared with users in the organisation and accessible.

Finance Director Responsibilities

Monitoring Systems

Monitor internal events to evaluate impact on the financial systems and condition of the organisation. Formally by:
  • Participate in the Representative meetings
  • Participate in relevant town halls (at request of representative if the meeting has an impact on financial systems)

Receive Signals

  • Receive signals of issues, bugs or un-intended use of financial systems.
  • Be available to respond to signals to maintain healthy financial system.
  • Support: within 48 hours on weekdays, shorter text response available via Signal for representatives in emergencies.


  • Maintain documentation relating to existing finance systems.
  • Fix bugs, respond to issues, make recommendations from signals to maintain existing financial systems are operational at all times.

Not Finance Director Responsibilities

  • New systems, consulting and ideas presented by users in Deep Work. See Finance Architect.

Monthly Tasks

Deep Work Studio Limited

Check with representatives budgets

  • Before the end of the month - check if representatives need to adjust their budgets at all and aid in the process of updating budgets.

Create Monthly Budget

Host and Facilitate Monthly Finance Council

Tasks to do:
End of meeting:
  • Share with organisation at the end
  • Raise snapshot vote with:
    • Link to budget
    • Transactions to execute to departments
    • Token's to be minted and distributed
    • Adjustments to token distribution and multipliers
    • Gas expenses to be paid

Snapshot vote and Share Budget Community

  • Add profit share figures to P&L
  • Raise snapshot vote using this template, including:
    • USDC amounts
    • DEEP tokens to be minted and distributed
  • Share monthly summary on Discord, including:
    • USDC per token
    • Financial summary
    • Decisions made by representatives

Implement Monthly Payments

  • After successful snapshot vote
  • Execute on chain

Treasury Payments:

Profit Share:

DEEP Minting and Distribution:

Distributing 0xSplits:

There are distributions for: - Product Creator Fees - Reinvest mechanism

Expensing Gas Fees

  • Find the total amount of ETH that needs to be expensed at ETH on Ethereum in Operations Payments.
  • Convert stable coins to the required amount of ETH.
  • Pay expenditures via the Operations Gnosis SAFE.
  • Mark transactions as paid in the Operations Payment spreadsheet.

Monitoring and executing re-invest mechanism

  • Monitor and execute and processes for the re-invest mechanism.