Executive Creative Director

Below is a quick introduction to the most important rules and responsibilities of the Executive Creative Director.

Role and responsibilities

The Executive Creative Director is split into two roles, this can be the same person, or multiple people:

  • Executive Creative Business Director - responsible for converting leads to clients.

  • Executive Creative Project Director - responsible for a successful completion of projects.

Skill Requirements

Creative Director

Level 13 of any domain - Workshop Facilitator, Product Designer or User Researcher. At this level you can observe an executive to build up the expertise to become one.

Executive Creative Director

An Executive Creative Director must be at least Level 12 "Expert" in facilitation and Level 12 in one other field of domain - either Product Designer or User Researcher.

Head Executive Creative Director

Level 13 "Creative Director" of all three domains - Workshop Facilitator, Product Designer and User Researcher.

Executive Creative Business Director

Consulting incoming projects and leads to manage the 'sales' process of Deep Work.

Incoming project leads require consultation whether and in which scope a collaboration makes sense. Under no circumstances should you advise a client to book work for primarily monetary reasons. Your goal is to consult them to make the best decision possible, given their circumstances.


  • Initial sales call with lead

  • Preparing a project proposal, team availably, project process and quote

  • Confirming the project with the client

  • Handing over the project brief to the Creative Project Director and team


Executive Creative Project Director

You take full responsibility of the success of the project and act as a connector between the Client and the Experts.

Overview of responsibilities:

  • Project is successfully completed and all deliverables handed over to the client.

  • Client is happy with the deliverables.

  • Experts on the project are happy and treated equally as 'clients'.