Monitor external events

Interview and observe external parties, the market, and advisors.
If you meet someone who may be a good fit for being an Expert at Deep Work, use this Typeform to place them on a list of potential experts. Creative Directors can then review the list and see if they want to work with someone new.

Monitor internal events

Interview internal members and monitor weak areas in the system. You can review this dashboard for historical data.
Make sure you review the results of retrospective meetings and communicate with the team about potential changes in the overall process. Sometimes the results mean that the organization needs to be updated.
Suggest collaboration opportunities if you have a sense that multiple people in your department are working towards a similar goal.

Represent interests of the department

Bring up suggestions for funding of internal work through treasury.
Communicate issues from your department to the other departments.

Review finance requests

...and protect organizational constraints.
When community members are interested in doing work for Deep Work, they will request payments from the department or treasury. Please familiarise yourself with the Getting Paid section of Deep Work before continuing. Process:
When receiving a funding request:
  • If you are not sure about the value, discuss it with the other representatives.
  • Review if your department wallet has enough funds to pay for the work, go to step 1. This is the easiest and fastest way to pay someone for their work.
  • If your department does not have the budget, and you see value in a project that requires payment, there are two other ways to process/execute the payment: see steps 2 and 3.
  1. 1.
    From Department Funds: Send them the appropriate Typeform to request the payment. Note that DEEP tokens (not part of a multiplier for a role being paid in xDAI) can only be requested from the treasury and required a snapshot proposal. Execute the payments as part of the representative monthly finances.
  2. 2.
    No Department Budget, Recommended and Non-Urgent: Forward the budget and payment amount to the Finance Director to add to the monthly budget. You can then send the community member your department Typeform to request payment to get paid the following month. Execute the payments as part of the representative monthly finances.
  3. 3.
    Urgent: Raise a Snapshot proposal to the treasury (please see the link and use the template). Instruct the community member to raise a payment request to the treasury. Make sure you execute the payment after a successful vote.
Only make payment transactions after you reviewed the completed work!

Manage department wallet

Review all payment requests to make sure all requests correspond to completed and valuable work.

Manage budgets

This is done with the Finance Director, for more information:
  • Respond to Finance Director's questions if you need to increase/decrease budget for the following month.
  • Review monthly budget for entire organisation (shared in Discord)
  • Join monthly budgeting call to dispute or recommend changes.

Make payments to the department members

Send payments to all members at the end of the month:

Maintain department documents

Keep the Notion document, Miro board and Discord channel of your department tidy and up-to-date with current working data and orderly structure.

Update processes and share with team

After you make an update to the documentation or internal process, please use this typeform to inform everyone affected by the change. It's crucial that everyone is not only aware of the change but also has a chance to apply it in practice.

Small fixes

After a retrospective, small improvements or changes might be necessary. You can bring them up during the month or batch them and apply them all at once at the end of the month.

Larger issues

Sometimes, improvements require more systemic updates or collaborative work to resolve problems. Ideally, the issue should be discussed with other members of the department first, to be confident in the usefulness change request.
Once discussed, if the scope involves the request for funding from the treasury, please follow the process of starting a new project. You can speed up the funding process by bringing up the issue to the other representatives and agreeing on the cost as early as possible.
When you update the documentation, please remember to update all working files across tools like Notion, Miro, GitBook etc. When in doubt, refer to the operations department to show you the documents that need updating.

Facilitate department retrospective

120 minutes
Once a month to resolve team issues fast.