About Deep Work

The Studio

Deep Work is a highly flexible collective of freelancers. Our projects are made of domain experts in workshop facilitation, product design, and user research. For each client or project, we put together the best possible team. Everyone turns up, completes their specific job to a high standard specific to their skillset, then moves onto the next project (inside or outside Deep Work).
This means we don't have permanent roles, but a community of collaborators and experts. This enables everyone's work to our guiding principles:
People and Health First - Deep Work is built with everyone’s health put first. Only if we prioritize mind and body (mental health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, nature, community) can you, our team, and the community perform to our best.
Collaboration Second - We believe that an organization can be most effective with a combination of hierarchical and cooperative structures. We use innovative processes and tools to optimize for meaningful collaboration, enjoyable work, and high-end creative output.
You can learn more about the Deep Work ethos here: