Roles & Responsibilities

Client facing work

Deep Work's clients purchase a project and join us during the workshops to share knowledge and provide all context needed to solve their design problems. As part of a functioning business, we are focused on maximizing the value we provide to the client and pay extra attention and actively listen to their feedback in order to continuously improve our offering.
  • By default, your objective is to overdeliver and make sure everyone you work with is happy with your work. There are many internal feedback rounds that are there to improve each other.
  • Please make sure your internet connection is 100% reliable throughout the entire workshop and you have access to all tools.
  • Always be on time or a minute earlier. If you need to come late, discuss the best way to join with another expert of the sprint.
  • Please make sure your background has as little visual noise as possible.
  • Please have good audio and no background noise. We recommend a setup with a professional microphone but good headphones do the trick!
  • Do not eat, smoke, or perform any other activities while on camera during the workshop.
  • When you work with the team, put 100% of your attention to the client and their requirements.
  • Don't schedule other meetings or phone calls in the breaks. Ideally take the time to get fresh air, look at a panoramic view or rest/meditate.
  • Drink enough water and avoid sugary snacks, it will impact your attention span and focus.
Other responsibilities depend on your position in the Deep Work skill hierarchy. There are four levels:

Internal collaboration

To learn more about how to collaborate with your peers, please refer to this page: