Collective Governance
On the 11th of May 2022, Snapshot voting counts DEEP token holdings on Gnosis Chain and Ethereum Mainnet.

Governance Processes

There are four routes of governance. Depending on the type of proposal or change, you'll need to follow the selected route:
Governance Process
1) Treasury Governance
USDC and DEEP token distribution and disputes.
Snapshot vote
2) Design Process Governance
Changes to design products and processes.
Creative Director proposal and objections → Snapshot vote
3) Collective Process Governance
Changes to processes in the collective and anything new not fitting another category of governance.
Department Representative proposal → Snapshot vote (if necessary)
4) Department Governance
Responsibilities of the department
Decided by the department representative. Objections via Snapshot

1) Treasury Governance

Currently one token equals one vote on the following management areas of the collective:
USDC Treasury
Token holders can raise a proposal to distribute the funds in the USDC Treasury wallet.
Deep Treasury
Token holders can raise a proposal to distribute tokens in the DEEP Treasury wallet.
Payment and token distribution disputes
Payments and token distributions are announced in the #payments channel on Discord. All payments will be paid unless:
  • An error has been made, and the payment requester and a creative director or studio director agree together to amend the amount.
  • A governance proposal is raised to dispute the amount. If voted through, the Finance Director amends the payment.
Studio Directors currently have the ability to override this process, but this will be removed once the system is battle tested.
The above is executed on snapshot...

2) Design Process Governance

  • Step 1) Raise a proposal to creative directors via Discord outlining what you wish to change or implement.
  • There may be a period of feedback and negotiation to adapt the proposal.
  • Step 2) If no objection from a Creative Director, raise a proposal via snapshot...

3) Collective Process Governance

For Department Leads:
  • If you agree, you can implement the proposal.
  • If it affects more than one department, raise the proposal for discussion with other department leads via the #representatives channel in Deep Work and implement the result.
  • You may decide this affects the overall collective and it is necessary to raise a snapshot proposal (yourself or from the person raising the proposal)

4) Department Governance

  • Department representatives are empowered to make decisions for the department including the allocation of funds in the department wallets.
  • If the collective objects to any department decision, a snapshot proposal can be raised to make an objection:

Governance Process in Snapshot


Snapshot is a popular DAO tool and interface for very simple voting that allows holders to participate in governance without spending gas. Creating a proposal and voting are both free. Proposals and votes are signed messages, stored on IPFS. Signatures are easily verifiable online. You can find Deep Work's Snapshot page at:

Raising a proposal


If you proposal has an on chain action - e.g a distribution of funds, you must have a Representative ready to create the transaction. 1) Reach out to a representative before raising the proposal. 2) Include the details of what will be executed on-chain if the proposal is successful in your proposal.

Raise a proposal on Snapshot

Guide and Docs:
Create a proposal

Proposal Template:

You can use the following template:


You can vote on proposals here:
Guide to voting:
Vote on a proposal

Successful Proposals

Distribution of Tokens or xDAI

  • If submitted for xDAI or DEEP tokens, payment requests can be made via Treasury Payment Requests .
  • You'll need two signature's on the multi-sig wallet to approve the transaction.
    • The first signature will have to execute the transaction.
    • The second signature will need to check and approve.
  • If a payment or token dispute, it is up to the Finance Director to amend the amount.

Multi-signature wallet approval

  • Funds will be distributed from a multi-signature wallet as per the governance decision.
  • Currently the multi-signature wallet is managed by representatives and creator directors.