Finance Director

Monthly Finance Tasks

Monthly Responsibilities

Payment Day

  • Once mid-month for team payments
  • 2nd working day of month for all wallets

1) Payments - Deep Work Studio Limited

Make invoice/request payments
USDC to Fiat
  • Convert USDC to FIAT, put in bank accounts

2) Expenses - Deep Work Studio Limited

Expenses accounts Charlie and Andrej
  • Pay expenses
  • Check P&L for any payments to be made
  • Founders salary payments
  • Make any other payments

3) Payments - Deep Work Collective (Deep Work Ltd)

Follow this process for wallets listed below:
Get data:
  • Get data from spreadsheet
  • Sort by month
  • Check for any payments disputes in Discord / Governance > edit amounts
  • Check any final project payments (e.g. cost % and creative directors) the final client payment has been made > if not > move these to the following months payment
  • Export data
  • From multisig, send all using distribution tool
  • Alert other multisigs to approve the transaction
Wallets and payments:
Wallet Address

4) Gas Costs

If using Multis, it will pay the gas in USDC or the native token.
Add any gas cost to the operations spreadsheet, including the wallet that spent the gas:
This makes sure the wallet is reimbursed

Reporting Day

  • 3rd working day of month after payments are made.

1) Financial Reporting - Deep Work Studio Limited

Financial reporting:
  • Import cryptio SAFE accounting
  • Update all Freeagent accounts
Financial forecasting:
  • Edit and update the P&L forecast

2) Financial Reporting - Deep Work Collective (Deep Work Ltd)

Profit Share Process

1) Implementing after governance vote:

Follow the process in the following Google Sheet: