The workflow of the operations officer is based on a list of regular responsibilities that can be described as part of their monthly work.

Pay attention to discussions among the representatives and if any updates are needed to ensure a smooth way of working. Check for any suspicious behaviors in the organization and listen to potential complaints. Advise the Representatives on an efficient course of action.
Get in touch with a client if this is an external project.

Estimate the maximum budget required to make desired changes and discuss the value of the update vs. the monetary cost. Representatives review the amount of money for the Operations department based on these estimations.
Once a request comes in to adjust the system or improve the organizational design, evaluate the scope of the work required and communicate the cost to the Finance Director or Operations Representative in case an increase in budget is required for the current month.

When working with a client, you might need to send an invoice and statement of work. Please refer to this guide:

Specify the details of the project and use this Typeform to create a new project to make it show up in Notion. Create a project at using the budget sheet above to keep track of it on your profile. This could be especially useful when delegating the work to a Solutions Architect.
If you think that the modification will require a significant amount of work and especially adoption from the internal team, it's recommended to facilitate a System Update workshop based on this template. This can also be done by a Workshop Facilitator.

Make sure the team's work is in alignment with the requirements of the organization and solves the issues presented by Representatives or Client. Be ready to mediate the team's work with the stakeholders.

Once an update has been completed, facilitate a retrospective to review it with the team. Make sure the Representative or Client is aware and happy with the results.
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