Retrospective Workshop
After each cycle of workshops/prototyping/user testing, we run a short 1-hour retrospective to reflect on our experience and evaluate how to improve. It follows are very simple process:
  • Write down all positives and negatives (7 minutes)
  • Readout all positives individually (1 minute each)
  • Readout all negatives individually (1 minute each)
  • Vote on negatives (3 minutes)
  • Brainstorm solutions for negatives (7 minutes)
  • Vote on solutions (3 minutes)
  • Discuss feasibility and delegate
You can find a Miro board with most Retrospectives here:
A Retrospective Workshop is a great chance to experiment with facilitation techniques, new music or tools alternative to Miro.

Before going into the Retrospective on the project, it's important that Experts leave their Collaborator some personal feedback with this Typeform. If you like, you can also review anyone on the project.
After everyone is done, start the retrospective and focus on only the challenges within the sprint. Any interpersonal discrepancies or confrontations should be discussed afterwards in private.

Duration: 10min
Ask everyone to write down everything that stood out as positive (green notes) and everything you think that can be improved (red notes).

Duration: 5-10min
Let each participant read out the positives and provide a bit of context.

Duration: 5-10min
Let each participant read out their negatives and clarify what they mean.

Duration: 7min
Ask everyone to read through the negatives and place solution notes (blue) underneath in silence.

Duration: 7min
Without discussion, ask all participants to read through the notes and place 5 dots on their favourite solutions.
(you can also use the built-in Miro voting for this)

Duration: 10min
For the clearly actionable steps, delegate the work to the Creative Directors, Experts or set up as community bounties. In difficult cases suggest improvements, create a governance proposal or reach out to the Creative Directors to help solve the problem.

Once the project is complete, it is up to the Creative Director to spend up to two hours implementing any changes that need to be made in order to improve the process. Please reach out to the department representative to make the changes or refer to this guide.
It's important that after each change you fill out this typeform to let everyone else know.
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