Creative Director
Below is a quick introduction to the most important rules and responsibilities of the Executive Creative Director.

The creative director carries the responsibility to pick up in-coming leads, consult them on the best approach and set up project with Experts in case it's a fit. They are also responsible for the successful completion of projects.
Creative Director
In order to work as the Creative Director, you need to have an understanding of the type of work we do at the quality we deliver. You will work alongside an Executive Creative Director to take on client calls, write proposals and support the project during the process. You can apply to work as a Creative Director when you are an Expert in Facilitation and can prove experience in either Product Design or User Research.
A Creative Director has full responsibility for the project from start to finish and needs to be an Expert in Facilitation and Product Design (with experience in User Research) or User Research (with experience in Product Design).
Consulting incoming projects and leads to manage the 'sales' process of Deep Work.
Incoming project leads require consultation to determine the scope in which a collaboration makes sense. Under no circumstances should you advise a client to book work for primarily monetary reasons. Your goal is to consult them to make the best decision possible, given their circumstances.

From Projects:
Creative Director's are paid a project fee + a percentage of the total project value. This represents the small amount of time that goes into the process, project set up and completions, although the time is only 3-4 hours, the payment is significant to represent the level of responsibility and success of Deep Work. If the Creative Director is an expert on the sprint (e.g. a facilitator or designer), they are paid this rate on top. If the process is followed, you can expect the role to take little time. However, the payout represents that you are on hand for any mistakes or client issues, making sure you're available to drop anything and take full time, responsibility and energy to find a solution.
Posting #Jobs
Creative directors run sales calls. The clients are not always a fit for a Deep Work product (e.g. Hypersprint). When they are not, the creative directors take the time to make recommendations for the client and offer to post a job in the #jobs channel on Discord.
By using this mechanism. We're introducing a referral fee. This means the creative directors are incentivised to offer the best advice and filter through applications. The desired outcome: more opportunities for the community.
The referral fee goes into the CD Sales Pool Wallet and follows the process above.
Full instructions: Posting a job
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