Referral Commission Scheme

Promote our services for an introduction fee

  • You make introductions and provide us with leads.
  • We complete the sales process and book the team on a sprint or project.
  • You earn an introduction fee.


  • Paid on the first project with a new client.
  • Not paid on future projects.
  • Client has not previously worked in the Deep Work ecosystem,
  • Or, made a previous enquiry to Deep Work.
Of the total project value:
  • Hypersprints and projects below $25,000: 2% commission (due to the low profit margin on our entry level products)
  • Projects above $25,000: 3.5% on the first $50,000, 2% on any amount above $50,000.


Currently this is self-managed. If a project is booked and you referred us, please let a Creative Director know via Discord as soon as possible.
To manage team expectations and budgets: If we receive a notification that you have referred a project after the project has started, we can not pay the introduction fee.
  • When the project starts, submit a payment request.
  • If you're unsure of the amount, ask the Creative Director on the project to calculate for you.
  • Payments are made once the project completes and the client pays the final project invoice.
  • If for any reason the client does not pay the final invoice, the introduction fee is not paid.