Visual Identity Designer

Here's a brief overview of what all things a Visual Identity Designer would be responsible for.

Role and responsibilities

As a visual identity designer, your task is to understand the collaborative vision and brand of the product/company and create a unique and matching visual identity, which will can act as the basis for creating other derivatives of it like a website or a webapp. It needs to be matching the brand values specified in the branding workshops and should be iterated with the client before the testing. You are also responsible for guiding the team's decisions to create differentiating brand values and visual direction.
  • Branding expertise, visual identity, styleboarding
  • Can deliver Branding Sprint solo to expected level
  • Participating in the beginning of the branding /landing sprint doing the base layer of branding design and handing it over to the product designer after the Visual Key Review

Qualifications and Experience

  • Can create multiple styleboards that represent different interpretations of the client's brand values and present those to the client.
  • Can define a unique visual identity based on styleboards.
  • Experience designing visual identities, supporting material and digital interfaces.
  • Deep understanding of the product and client needs, with regards to product strategy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Understanding or interest in the evolving web3 space, its product challenges, blockchain applications and token economics.
  • For reference: Our designers complete a project like dHedge in three four-hour work days, from wireframes to finished prototype.


  • High performance computer
  • High speed internet connection
  • High quality microphone
  • Figma (Prototype Design)
  • Miro (Remote Whiteboard)
  • Zoom, Meet (Video-conferencing)
  • Loom or else (Screen recording)
  • Discord (Team Chat)
  • Crypto wallet with Gnosis Chain (Getting payed in xDai)
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