Representative Monthly Finances

Making Payments:

You are responsible for making payments once per month between the 1st working day and the 5th working day of the month.
The previous system collected all payment requests in a Typeform. In the process above, once a month in the timescale stated, you need to check all projects in your department on Deep Finance. If the project is not created, you'll need to create it to make the payment.

Paying the Representative (you)

  • DAI/DEEP: A set amount agreed in the monthly budget.
    • The operations representative will make a project for representatives. .

Monthly Finance Responsibilities

Financial Management and Checks

  • During the month it is your responsibility to manage the departments finances. For example, if someone sets up a project and asks for a budget, you must make sure that budget is available.
  • At the end of the month, you need to:
    • Check that all payment requests are correct.
    • Check that you have the funds available to pay all the payment requests.
    • Follow the payment process above.