Product Design - Implementation Ready

Product Design Startup covers all design requirements for the design of one user journey. Including component library and mobile screens.
Interactive view on this Miro board
Required roles and responsibilities:
  • Creative Director
    • Project setup
    • Monitoring
    • Retrospective
    • Three monthly advisory sessions with client upon completion of the project
  • Workshop Facilitator
    • Three four-hour workshops
    • One two-hour iteration workshop
    • Presentation of deliverables
  • Product Designer
    • Three four-hour workshops
    • Four four-hour design sessions
    • UX cleanup after user testing
    • One two-hour iteration workshop
    • Four four-hour design iteration sessions
    • Mobile screens
    • Component library
    • Presentation of deliverables
  • User Researcher
    • 2 x Interview guide
    • 2 x Five user interviews
    • 2 x Writing research report
    • 2 x Presentation of report
  • Tester Recruiter
    • 2 x Recruit five user testers
Duration: 22 days
Outcome: User-tested, interactive prototype. Complete design asset library, including mobile screens. Extended user research report with market validation.