Also sometimes referred to as "Shadower"
Once you filled out the collaborator application, you can contribute and learn but not vote or give advice, commonly known as shadowing (more on that below).
Collaborators can be active members of our community or people who apply to become Experts in a specific domain. You can sign up to become a Collaborator here. Once signed up, you will get access to active projects and several other internal Discord channels.
Once you receive the Collaborator status, you can apply to shadow (unpaid) on projects by observing and learning.
In order to become an Expert, you first collaborate with an Expert on a project, contribute with work, get reviewed, and can then apply to become an Expert on a specific domain. Reviews and feedback happen through existing Experts, who know the quality of the work.

Who are you not as a part of Deep Work?

We make it clear you're part of Deep Work. To a client we don't want to give the impression that you are:
  • An unrelated external contractor
  • Not taking responsibility for your work
  • Splitting time between other projects
  • Disorganized, unfocused, and not paying attention
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