Proposal and Quote

To be completed within two days of consultation call
Send one of the following:
Product Design - Prototype
Pre-seed clients that need a low cost high impact approach with Deep Work. Important to explain they'll internally have to work from the results.
Product Design - Implementation Ready
Seed and beyond clients needing Deep Work's full set of deliverables. Most options have been removed to give the client the best of our services.
Click + New Product Design Proposal to duplicate the template: Template on Notion
Studio as a Service
After a product design sprint product offering
Walkthrough of creating a proposal:
Edit the assumptions
  • Add any new assumptions based on sales call or additional information.
  • Remove any that are not necessary.
  • This part is the most important to ensure a smooth running of the project for the team. As long as the client is informed of exactly what they're getting, there is no room for conflict.

Project Scope and Duration

Refer to the PROJECTS section in this documentation to evaluate the scope and duration of projects.
You can also estimate how it would look including weekends by mapping it out on Asana.

Custom Cost Calculation

Keep in mind that for some projects (especially requiring website design and implementation) the invoice might require a change depending on the final specs of the website. This is especially important if one Creative Director is doing the onboarding and another Creative Director managing the project.
In some cases you might need to add more designer days or introduce a new role to the process.

Sending Proposal and Quote

1) Send to the client via email. You can normally find their email from the sales call calendar invite. You can use the text in the quote and proposal introduction.
2) Make sure the Notion link is publicly accessible.
3) Set a reminder to chase if no reply.
  • Unless the client has expressed urgency, please wait at least seven working days before a follow up. If the client is interested, it's unlikely they will forget and repeated chase-ups appear like a pressure sales tactic.
4) Suggest a call in the proposal email if there are alternative options for the client or you believe more details around the deliverables are required to update the quote.


It may be necessary to have a second call to iron out the details, adapt the process to a new budget or confirm the client is happy.
  • It is up to the Creative Director who started the process to continue the negotiation and take responsibility for the client - this may move into a future week that is not assigned - in this case you can ask for help from the 'on duty' creative director.
There may be a negotiation with the client and a second call to clarify points. If the client is committed you may need at this stage to skip ahead and start finding a team so you can clearly define the start date for the client. If the client is not committed, do not start the team process until they have confirmed the quote and proposal.

Client Confirms

"We provide our first available start date within a week."
Ideally we send it much sooner...
More information on the process of finding a team can be found on:
You're responsible for finding the team availability, and sending the start date to the client.


Once the team is confirmed and the client has confirmed the date, it is over to the Creative Director on the project.