Invoice & Statement of Work

Please send the invoice and statement of work within one day of the client confirming dates. It is the upmost importance to guarantee the dates for the team and have the project confirmed.
Please confirm payment of the the invoice and confirmed statement of work before continuing any further with the project setup. The project is not confirmed to the team until the client has paid - this is a priority to not loose the team.

1) Create a new invoice by copying one of the following templates:
Creative Director
The templates above correspond to a Gnosis Chain, Gnosis SAFE corresponding to the respective Creative Director. In an extreme case where the client can not send funds on xDAI, you can receive funds to the main project wallet main-net. Please use guide to Invoicing on Ethereum Mainnet.
2) Video guide to creating an invoice:
3) Move it to this Google drive folder and save the view-only URL. You will add it to the statement of work below.
Make sure the upfront invoice covers the costs of the team. If there is an iteration in the sprint, there will be an interim invoice. In those cases, make sure the interim invoice covers the work that is done by the team during the iteration.
We typically give clients 7 days to pay after an invoice gets sent and before we send out a reminder. Unless paying the invoice is before an urgent project start. It's the balance we've found between making sure we cover our costs and not giving the client the negative experience of being chased.

Set up:
  • Go to Typeform
  • Go to Client Onboarding Workspace
  • Duplicate the Template
In the new Typeform, edit the following:
Question 2) Edit the link to the quote and proposal
Question 3) Create and upload a process and assumptions video:
  • Create a video to onboard the client to the process and highlight the project assumptions - see the template video for the script.
  • You can do this via Loom, you then need to download the video and upload to Deep Work's YouTube account.
Question 6) Edit the fees and payment:
  • Delete the irrelevant schedule (e.g. Hypersprint)
  • Edit the amounts
Confirmation screen
Finalize Typeform
  • Enable notifications for sign-ups:
  • Click publish
  • Copy the live link
  • Test the form

When confirming the dates to the client, make sure they are aware that the dates are locked in for 5 days before being released to potential other clients.
If the client hasn't signed the SoW and paid the invoice after 5 days, make sure other Creative Directors are aware of it in the discord.

Only once the payment is made and the statement of work agreed is the project confirmed. It is up to the creative director to chase the client and confirm the project the project go ahead with the team. Once the project is confirmed, you need to set up the project:

Once the client has paid the upfront invoice, you can confirm with the team the project is going ahead.

If the client signals that they wish to negotiate or make changes to our Statement of Work. Do not start any work to set up the team or project. The process can take longer than expected and only let down both the team and the client if we can't start when we say we can start.
  • Tell the client that you'll find the first available start date once the Statement of Work is agreed and signed. If they wish to lock in dates to start as soon as possible, they can pay a deposit to lock the team.

If a client has an urgency for dates, you can create a deposit invoice.
  • Create an invoice for $5,000 to your creative director wallet.
  • Recommend the client can pay the invoice to lock in our earliest availability. Explain that if there is an issue in signing the Statement of Work or paying the upfront invoice before the first workshop, the client will loose the deposit.
  • In the event of the deposit being lost, the team splits the payment according their percentage share of the project costs. This is calculated by the Creative Director.
  • The goal is have a team committed to dates and not be out of pocket for booked time.
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