During the Project
As mentioned in the workflow, it is your responsibility to ensure that the value provided by the team is higher than the perceived price of the project. To keep this in balance you may have to extend the scope (for additional requests) or amend the price - in case of missed expectations or team errors.
More on that below.

It is your responsibility to issue and check that the client has paid any interim or milestone invoices. The project can not continue until these are paid. See the instructions in the project setup for creating an invoice.

Generally, finding user testers is part of the User Tester Recruiter role. Please make sure they are happy with finding testers and check if they need any help. Here are some resources that can help you ensure a high quality of testers:
If for any reason you are doing the role on the behalf of the Tester Recruiter, please make sure you follow the documentation and complete all steps. Importantly the steps regarding accounting.

In some cases, it may be necessary to pause the project and review. For example, if you have workshops planned on a particular outcome or feature, it may be necessary to replan these workshops.

In extreme cases, you may need to adjust the project timeline, budgets or deliverables. For example, a client doesn't have their expectations matched. What to do is up to negotiation between the creative director and the client but we should optimise towards a preferential client experience.

This is subject to the availability of team members.
1) Use the Grid document you filled out in the beginning and add the extra cost under the "Extend scope of work" column. Make sure that the project has a positive profit margin.
In an extreme case, the profit margin may go negative or the client refuses to pay. If it does, please refer to the client non-payment documentation.

2) Please add to the clients' final invoice the additional scope. You can calculate the price in most cases at 2.25x the cost. For example, adding one day of Product Design at $805 per day would add the following line to the client invoice:
  • Extra Product Design Scope - $1,811.25
  • This could be rounded down to - $1,800 - for cleaner invoicing amounts.
3) Add the additional price to the Grid:
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