Team Setup


Finding the team should be prioritised as soon as the client confirms. There should be no more than one week between the client confirming and a potential date sent to the client. Sooner is better.

Team Budgets

Before selecting the team, you'll need to create the budget so everyone knows the rates they are going to get paid.
2) Work through the steps on the "Start" Page
3) Save your copy, enable edit access to Deep Work Studio, and copy the link.
Detailed walk-through of team budgets:

Finding and Selecting The Team

After the client confirms the project, the Creative Director finds the team. Currently this is done manually.
You can find a list of the current Experts in the Actors spreadsheet (please message Andrej for access).
It currently contains a list of everyone with verified Expert status, their portfolio document and additional comments. You have the responsibility to find the team of Experts matching the requirements of the client the most.
Make sure you look at their portfolio and previous work. It can tell you whether someone is a good fit and has an understanding for the projects challenge.
Reach out to them individually and ask for their earliest availability and interest in the project. Managing different team members availability currently requires a bit of back-and-forth and multiple messages. This will soon be automated through the Skills platform.

What to send to the team:

1) Send the expected start date of the project
2) Send them the project budget (calculated above so they can see how much they'll get paid)
3) Send them the proposal and quote (so they can see what the project entails)
4) Send them any details about the client (so they can decide if it's an interesting challenge / if they want to work for them)
5) Be sure to let the team know the project is not confirmed until the upfront invoice is paid. As CD, please prioritise getting this paid so the team knows the project is locked in. See the financial process for more detail on team payments and the importance of the upfront invoice..


Add the project timeline and team to Asana. You can use Asana to help plan availabilities against other projects - at any stage. However, please make sure it is up to date and accurate when the team is confirmed.
How to use it:
With the addition of the User Testing Scout, please consider the following:
Schedule the work of the Scout to start seven days before the start of the user research session. So they can start on the first day of the workshops (sometimes the target audience is clear) and the scheduled work ends on the first day of user testing.