Website Design Sprint
The website design sprint is also based on the GV design sprint and follows the exact same process as the product design sprint.

Collaboration Workshops

Involve everyone in the design process rather than unproductive meetings. This removes tedious knowledge transfer, research periods and frustrating feedback rounds in a typical freelancer and agency approach.
Three highly interactive online-sessions finish with a tangible outcome:

Day 1 - Align and Decide

All participants align and focus on a common goal. Watch on Youtube →

Day 2 - Create Solutions

Together, we create individual solution-sketches. Watch on Youtube →

Day 3 - Merge Solutions

All solutions are merged to prepare for the prototype. View Demo on Miro →

Prototyping and User Testing

We save teams time and money by rapidly taking the results of the collaboration sessions to prototype and test:

Days 4,5,6 - Prototype

We design a high-fidelity prototype to validate product features before building.User testing a high-end prototype immediately shows market interest. Explore Designs on Figma →

Day 7 - User Test

By testing with multiple users we get real qualitative data with clear trends. Watch on Youtube →

Additional deliverables

There are several options to include into the Product Design Sprint:


You can pre-calculate how much different projects will cost at Deep Work with this calculator:

Results and Projects

We've worked with over forty teams and projects which you can see on the projects page of website. Including all the design files and reports.
"The sessions were invaluable in helping us shape our product direction and their turn around time was exceptional." - Paul Kohlhaas, Molecule | Explore Case Study →
“Deep Work made us rethink fundamental user interaction and product-market fit in a series of remote workshops that were simple, fun and highly engaging.” - Michael Feng, Hummingbot | See Case Study →

Workshop Information:

Days: 3, Time: 4hours each scheduled but can take less