UX/UI Design Sprint
The UX/UI Design Sprint is part of Deep Work's Studio as a Service suite of products. It's only to be offered to clients who have previously done a Hypersprint or Product Design Sprint, or part of a larger package.
It can be used to work on edge cases, add additional screens, user journey or design systems.

2 hours | Internal | Creative Director + Facilitator
Planning workshop between the Creative Director and facilitators to plan the workshop content based on the clients goals. Ideally happens during the project and after any previous work so the plan is up to date.

2-4 hours | Deliverable | Facilitator + Product Designer
Working with the client to prioritise the next set of designs. Using our workshop process and tools from other products. Mixing and matching:
  • User journey
  • Sketching
  • Research
  • Storyboarding/wire-framing (max 2 hours)

4 days | Deliverable | Product Designer
Four days of work with a Deep Work product designer.

Is not included as part of the package. If there is a new concept or user journey being created, rather than iterating on a design, converting to mobile, design systems, etc., it is recommended to add additional user testing to validate the present the results to the team.
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