Visual Design and UX Iteration
An iteration week to interpret results of the user feedback from the Hypersprint, improve the design, and user test again.
  • Two-hour workshop after the user testing to review the feedback, adjust each individual screen, and add extra screens if necessary.
  • Additional screens, such as transactions, to optimise the Web3 user experience.
  • Higher level of visual fidelity with more visual exploration. Example: AllianceBlock.
Here is an example screen after week one:
The fee breakdown was the biggest friction point for users to proceed with the deposit.
And after the UX iteration:
Based on the user feedback, adjustments in copy and layout improve the understanding of fees.
Our product designers also enhance the interface to add visual fidelity. The AllianceBlock case study shows the difference between the results of week one and visual improvements after the iteration:
Landing page example. Left the first week result, right the iteration result.
A heavy focus on visual appeal makes the interface stand out and look more unique.
Secondary screen example. Again left is the first version, right the iteration.

Workshop: 2 hours
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