During your work, we advise everyone to use the #check-in Discord channel to share how they feel every day of collaboration. This helps everyone get an idea of your current mental and physical health, balance your stress levels and potentially suggest an alternative schedule in serious cases. We also strongly advise everyone to prioritise sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise.


Producing the highest quality of work can not depend on monetary incentives. We encourage each other to always speak the truth, even if it may be uncomfortable (obviously without being insulting). Internally this means frequent feedback rounds to each other and project retrospectives. Externally, we don't "sell" work but consult client teams with the best decision for them.


Meetings with 3+ people are not productive, due to exponential increase in information content and complexity in conversation threads. As soon as we need to work on something with more than 2 individuals, we run a structured workshop. If a 1:1 conversation takes too long in Discord, we jump on Zoom right away.

Work = Purpose directed activity

Work has a long history of negative connotations. We believe that every activity is work and choosing the work we love contributes to a meaningful life. Only if each individual thinks that their work is meaningful and has a purpose, the result will be exceptional. Deep Work tries to constantly automate the work that is not perceived as meaningful while retaining the work we love doing.