Apply for work

There are two ways of starting out to work on projects with Deep Work:

  1. As an Expert being responsible for the success of a project. This means that your quality of work matches what Deep Work delivers to the clients.

  2. As a Collaborator, if you're not 100% confident of your skillset. This means you can mainly learn and gather experience in a realistic environment. You don't need to be highly skilled and you don't carry responsibility.

All work is being compensated.

Currently Deep Work is optimising to recruit as many Experts as possible. This means the Creative Directors choose the Experts (who have worked at Deep Work before) and sometimes the Collaborators (who they think are at Expert level) for each project. If you apply to work as a Collaborator and don't get selected, it's because someone else has been assigned the spot.

Don't worry, the more Experts are available, the more accessible will be the Collaborator spots in the future.

Apply as an Expert

Among all Expert applications, Creative Directors are incentivised to choose the candidates who provide enough evidence that their work will match our quality standard (look at our case studies for a reference) and are a fit for a specific project. If Deep Work has more project inquiries than available Experts, more applications will pass to recruit more Experts. If there are more available Experts than projects, we do not process any applications.

There are two ways you can apply:

1. You have never worked with Deep Work but have experience in the industry

If you have already worked in the industry as a Product Designer, User Researcher or Facilitator, but never with Deep Work, you can apply as an Expert right away. Here's how it currently works:

  1. You join our Discord

  2. Fill out the Expert application form

  3. Once a project signs up, a Creative Director will review all applications.

  4. They will reach out to you if they think you are a good fit for the project.

  5. The Creative Director will assign you to a buddy on a project.

  6. Your buddy will reach out to you and carry the responsibility of the first project.

  7. You work on a project together.

  8. After completion, your buddy gives you feedback and evaluates whether you can deliver what you promise in the future.

To apply as a new Expert, join our Discord, sign up as a Collaborator and fill out this Typeform.

We recommend reading what it's like working at Deep Work on our about page and then diving into the work that you find most enjoyable:

2. You have worked with Deep Work as a Collaborator in the past

If you have worked with Deep Work as a Collaborator and learned so much that you think you have reached an Expert level in a specific skill, you can apply as an Expert. You will then be reviewed and chosen on the next project by a Creative Director. You will work together with an Expert buddy, who will review the quality of your work. After successful completion of the project, you will receive the Expert status and can take the lead on the following project.

To apply as an Expert after working with Deep Work fill out this Typeform

Apply as a Collaborator

If you have never worked with Deep Work and you are not 100% confident with your skillset, we recommend you to start as a Collaborator and select a few tasks you feel confident with. This makes you familiar with the Deep Work environment, the speed and processes of our work.

To apply as a Collaborator, join our Discord and fill out this Typeform.

This will unlock internal channels and allow you to start working on client facing projects. During your application you will be asked a few basic questions about yourself and sign an agreement.

Here's what happens next:

  1. Once you've applied, watch out for new internal project channels and [email protected]

  2. Once a project gets confirmed, you will be able to apply to the particular project.

  3. Your application to the particular project will be seen by our Experts and Facilitators.

  4. In case the Expert decides to select you out of all other applicants, you will be invited to the project.

  5. You tell the expert in private which level you see yourself at and will take over a set of tasks, in accordance to this level.

  6. If you work together successfully, they will leave you feedback, assign you a role with the level you applied for and you can join the next project.

  7. With each project you (hopefully) increase your level and get experience, until you feel confident being an Expert yourself. See below how to apply as an Expert.