Network Commission Scheme

We are very open to any type of collaboration and might partner up with you for the following reasons:

  • You promote our services for a commission

  • You want to be a product or technical expert on our sprints

  • You want to white-label Hypersprints in your organisation

Ways to earn commission

Promote our services for a commission

  • You make introductions and provide us with leads.

  • We complete the sales process and book the team on a sprint or other work.

  • You earn commission.

Expert on our sprint

  • Be an expert in the Hypersprint process. This can be as:

    • Second designer for the entire sprint.

    • Product or technical expert for the collaboration sessions days one to three, leaving us to prototype and user test.

    • Choose the days relevant to you to join the sprint.

  • Charge an agreed day rate for the days you're on the sprint.

  • Exclusive right to be part of the sprint if you provide the introduction.

  • Exclusive right to any follow up work - e.g. use the sprint as product discovery then run future design or development work from the results.

  • Earn the commission on top of the day rate for introductions.

White Label

  • You have complete control of the sales process - e.g. add on a sprint to an existing engagement or pitch for a development project.

  • Book in a design sprint with us to facilitate.

  • We'll invoice you for the work minus commission rates.

Commission Rates

Commission on all work in the first year from any new lead or client. We'll keep track of amounts and ask for an invoice from you on a monthly basis for any commissions owed.

  • 6% commission first project

  • 3% future work up to 12-months

Currently this is self-managed. If we book a project and you referred us, please let Charlie known via Discord.